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February 3, 2020

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

The 5th Grade Event Committee is holding a competition between the four fifth grade homerooms.  It will run from March 2-13.  It is called PENNY WARS and involves the collection of coins, turned into a competition.  This is a fundraiser to support the Fifth Grade Event, to be held on June 5, 2020, with a rain date of June 12.  We are asking for your support.  The procedure and rules are below.  If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Karen Whitaker 732-284-1108, please do not contact the main office or the teachers.

The competition will work as follows:

·  The competition will run from March 2-13

·  Students will collect change at home with their parents and bring into school

·  Please sort change at home, separating pennies into one bag and nickels, dimes and quarters into another.  NO OTHER COINS OR PAPER MONEY WILL BE ACCEPTED.

·  A jug will be placed in each homeroom.

·  Pennies count as single points toward winning.

·  Silver coins count as points taken away from overall totals (nickel 5 points, dime 10 points, quarter 25 points.)

·  Students will place their pennies into their own homeroom’s jug.

·  Students will place the silver coins in the collection jugs of opposing homerooms, after strategizing with their classmates and teacher.  

·  At the end of two weeks, the class with the most points will be declared the winner, and the class with the second highest point total will be the runner up. 

·  The winning class and the runner up will each receive a special prize.

·  The jugs will be collected at the end of the first week and a tally of the total number of points for each class will be given to the teachers on Monday, March 9 to allow for more strategizing during the second week of the competition.  

·  All competition activities (placing coins in jars) can only be performed when the teacher allows.  

·  No one can REMOVE coins from any jar at any time, this will cause a disqualification.  

So gather up your spare change, check all the couch cushions and coat pockets and help your kids get excited about this fun and educational competition!


Fifth Grade Event Committee:

Heather McGrath, Karen Whitaker, Lizzy Yeserski, Michele Ellis, Melissa Russo, Heather Brett,